Just Some of My Thoughts

I get in these funks. every now and then. some more relentless than others. old bad habits may die unexpectedly but new positive ones take ages to entrain or even notice along the line.

and i’m tired of hearing all the crap and pseudo crap around me, a whole convoluted mess that has long lost its reason and right to be here. it doesn’t matter. whatever it is, it doesn’t matter. because there is one thing that can be done that will likely take away all these blues. keep each other smiling and moving forward as they all do for you. take pleasure in the little things that do make you smile or think, whether it’s that squirrel hopping up on the table in hopes of food, or that someone held the train door open for one last person.

we forget to appreciate what you know is some unfathomable blessing that is ours for no apparent reason. if we can get used to making that appreciation present in everything we say and do everyday, then we’ll be changing ourselves, but we’ll be changing the world around us too. maybe then more and more eyes will brush away the haze and fog and see the beauty of the world that is right here. and rejoice in it. in one another. then all conflict and fear and resentment simply fade from existence.

maybe now’s the time that we’ll all just shake it all off and get real. just some of my thoughts.


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